tim hershey
Timothy C. Hershey
E-Mail: timh@tbred.net
Mr. Hershey has been in the commercial roofing industry for over 30 years, the last 19 in Kentucky. His career spans from the early days as a field employee, to vice president of operations responsible for the daily business activity at four tri-state locations for another contractor, and now as an owner of his own business. During this time, he has recognized and embraced “clients relationships” as the key element of a successful company. His attention to detail and uncompromising desire to be different and the best, has made this company “A Breed Apart”



Why choose Thoroughbred Contractors?


- We Are Honest… And Do What We Say

- We Have Years Of Experience And Understand Unique Challenges

– We Listen And Provide Solutions And Options

– We Look At Every Situation As If It Were Our Own

Steve Hargis

Steve Hargis
Director of Safety & Training
Contact: 502-220-0443
Email: steve.hargis@tbred.net

20 Years of Experience in Commercial/Industrial Safety

  • Safety Director
  • Administrator of Nationally Recognized Safety/Training Programs
ralph depesco

Ralph DePasco
Operations Manager
Contact: 502-773-7898
E-Mail: ralphd@tbred.net

29 Years of Experience in all Phases of Commercial/Industrial Roofing

  • Condition Assessment Expert
  • Quality Director, Project Planning/Estimation
  • Project Planning/Scheduling
perry scroggin

Perry L. Scroggin
Director Of Business Development / Consultant
Contact: 502-643-6672
E-Mail: perrys@tbred.net

20 Years of Managerial & Customer Relations; Roofing Consultation & Management, Media, Marketing, Web Design Since 2003

  • Client Research & Development
  • Client Consultation Specialist
  • Field Survey / Investigation
  • Media Marketing/Graphics Design – AutoCad/Powerpoint

Dan Anthony
Business Development Consultant
Contact: 502-773-6959
E-Mail: dana@tbred.net

30 Years of Management & Construction Quality Service; Roofing Management Since 2010

  • Client Research
  • Field Survey Investigation
  • Client Consultation Specialist
kevin flanigan

Kevin Flanagan
Director of Specialized Services
Contact: 502-220-0695
E-Mail: kevinf@tbred.net
20 Years Management in the Manufacturing Sector & Customer Service;
Roofing & Specialized Services Management Since 2003

  • Client Consultant/Project Supervision
  • Field & Research Assessment Expert & Management
tony wilson

Tony Wilson
Specialized Services Project Manager
Contact: 502-417-2583
E-Mail: tonyw@tbred.net

20 Years of Multi-Level Construction Experience/Management; With Company Since November 2013

  • Client Consultant/Project Supervision
  • Field Research Assessment & Reports
  • PowerPoint Development
Bob valeri2

Bob Valeri
Director of Building Assessment Services
Contact: 502-773-0769
E-Mail: bobv@tbred.net

24 Years of Experience in Commercial/Industrial Roofing & Management

  • Field Condition Investigation Specialist
  • Implementation of Field Survey Reports- Autosketch/PowerPoint
  • Estimator of Repair/Renovation
  • Scheduling, Project Supervision & Management of Repair and Maintenance
Brian Rosenberg

Bryan Rosenberg
Building Assessment Services Associate
Contact: 502-773-0970
E-Mail: bryanr@tbred.net

5 Years of Helping Professionals with Personal Training/Management Field Assessment & Account Management

  • Investigating/Documenting Field Conditions
  • Investigation of Repair/Renovation
  • Client Consultation/Business Development
  • Field Survey Reports - Autosketch/PowerPoint
Pat Wolpert

Pat Wolpert
Service Superintendent
Contact: 502-220-0389
Email: patw@tbred.net

15 Years of Experience in Commercial/Industrial Roofing

  • Job Setup/Scheduling
  • Field Crew Supervision
  • Scheduling
  • Training
Aaron Hunt

Aaron Hunt
Field Superintendent
Contact: 502-773-1136
Email: aaronh@tbred.net

17 Years in Residential/Commercial Construction

  • Setup/Scheduling
  • Quality Assurance
  • Client Relations
  • Training

Don “Rudy” Rudicel
Warehouse Manager
Contact: 502-773-0732
Email: rudyr@tbred.net


35 Years in Customer Service

  • Material Procurement
  • Inventory Management
  • Fleet Maintenance
DSC02705  Edgard (Hector) Mercado
  Recruiting Coordinator
  Contact: 859-490-9349
  Email: edgardm@tbred.net 

25 Years as an HR/Recruiting Specialist (military & civilian), Multi Lingual Communication Expert

  • “Careers” Marketing Research
  • First Response To Career Seeking Applicants
  • Employment Interviewing Process
  • Job Placement Analysis 


From Left To Right:

Kelly White – Receptionist, Accounting Assistant
Amy Thompson – Office Manager, Human Resources, Accounts Receivable
Pam Flanagan – Accounts Payable, Auto-Cad Specialist
 Chaney Hershey – Office Assistant, Social Media/Marketing