Various Examples Of Sky Light / Side-Wall Lighting Installations


We Have Certified Crane And Articulate Man-Lift Operators As Part Of Installation Team

When installing roof sky-lighting, we always have an additional crew member inside the facility as a safety monitor within the quarantined area of the installation.

Sky-Light / Side-Wall Lighting

(Roof & Wall)

Installing Various Types Of Roof Skylight Assemblies & Side Wall Translucent “Day Lighting” Panels

Single-Ply Install

Roof Skylight Install


Side Wall Lighting Translucent Panels

We Install Various Types Of Sky And Side Lighting Assemblies

  • OSHA Approved Sky Light Curbs and Walkable Translucent Roof Panels

  • Sidewall Translucent Wall Panels

  • Fall protection and Fall Guards for existing or new Sky-Light or Roof Panels


*Options are available to increase the natural lighting inside structure reducing the lighting demand during the daylight hours.