Thoroughbred Contractors…The largest waterproofing contractor in the region

Using profound waterproofing methods and products designed specifically for the project at hand

Our Proven Waterproofing System

  1. The removal of all debris and “prior” repair materials                               

  2. Surface cleaning and preparations via hand-grinding/scraping, mechanical wire brushing, while utilizing specific solvents to prepare surface for proper repair (some areas may be “taped-off” for straighter/aesthetic lines)

  3. Apply industrial-grade primers to repair surface

  4. Install a “three-course” waterproofing system (Apply a trowel-grade layer/bed of “high-end” solvent-base elastomeric waterproofing compounds followed by “two” alternating courses of “Polyester Reinforcing Fabric” and waterproofing compounds)

  5. Perform a “post” cleanup of the work areas



We provide complete waterproofing services for most all metal roofing, trim metal detail, & masonry side-walls

  • Roof Curbs (of any dimension)

  • Roof Pipes And Pipe Rounds

  • Roof A/C And Air Make-Up Units

  • Roof Expansion/Transition Joints

  • Counter-Flashing Metal Detail

  • Interior/Exterior Gutters/Joints

  • Metal Coping Laps

  • Side-Wall Penetrations

  • Exposed Masonry Side-Wall


 Various Waterproofing Repair Process & Completed Examples