Providing Specialized Crews To Address Numerous Types Masonry & Sealant Repair, Or Complete Restoration



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  • Brick/Block Replacement

  • Tuck Pointing Work to Include Repairs of Unique Historical Masonry.

  • Replacement & Renovation of Limestone Trim Details

  • Interior/Exterior Chimney Renovations

  • Installation of Exterior Masonry Water Repellants

**We use established practices & products in our applications of wet & pre-cured silicons, urethanes & other sealant technology.

IMG_1255Complete Exterior Restoration At Methodist Church In Shelbyville, KY

  • EIFS and Parge Coating Repairs

  • Horizontal Expansion Joint or Isolation Joints

  • Interior and Exterior Sealant Replacement

  • Color Matched Silicone/Urethane Components

  • Epoxy Injection Repairs at Fractures in Tilt-Up Wall

  • Curtain Wall Sealing and Glazing

  • Vertical Control Joint Replacement or installations

  • Heavy Traffic Grade Sealants

  • Aesthetic Masonry Joint Repairs Using Sealant

  • Install Fire Rated Sealant Systems

  • Water Blocking and Reactive Sealant Commands

  • Below Grade Sealant and Waterproofing


Masonry Before & After

Sealant Before & After