Thoroughbred Contractors offers a wide-range of “Roof And Building Management Programs”

Client Consultation & Planning Of Roof And Building Management


We Perform Comprehensive Investigation/Evaluations And Document The Present Conditions

crew inspections


We Will Measure Roof & Building Sections, Or Entire Site Areas And Comprise “To-Scale” Hand Drawings That Will Be Transferred To AutoCAD Diagrams At Our Office

Site Diagram

Site/Section Diagrams

Inspections May Require/Include Thermal Imaging To Locate Internal Wet Areas… We Are Proud To Use “Flir” Infra-Red Technology Equipment


Thermal Imaging

We Comprise Fully Documented Reports Of The Inspection Analysis, Complete With Condition Assessment Photos And Detailed AutoCAD Diagrams. We Can Include Thermal Imaging Documentation To Allow Our Findings To Be Thorough & Complete

Report Books

Detailed Reports

The “Thoro-Care” Plan


Thoroughbred Contractors Helps Building Owners And Facility Managers Who Are Interested In The “Long-Term” Performance Of Their Roofing & Building Assets. The Exterior Of All Buildings Will Require Maintenance Throughout Their “Life” And Most Importantly, Not Only When “Leaks” Start To Appear Inside The Building.
We Listen To, And Help Our Clients  Gain A Better Understanding Of  The Importance Of A “Life-Cycle Approach” To Care For, And Manage Their Roof Systems And Building’s Exterior, While Potentially Saving Them Thousands Of Dollars By Doing So.


“Our Approach Is Simple”…

We Can Perform “Full Days” Of Pre-Determined & Pre-Scheduled Scopes Of Maintenance Work In Lieu Of Expensive Partial-Day Re-Active “Leak-Repair Response”.

The Thoro-Care Plan Can Be Implemented Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually, Or Tailored To Fit The Client’s Needs.
Included With This Plan:
Re-Active, Preventative & Pro-Active Measures Of Work, All Designed To Help Eliminate Present Concerns And Add Years Of Life To Your Roof System And Building’s Exterior .

We Can Do The Same For “You”