Thoroughbred Contractors LLC  

Corporate Director, Safety & Training

Steven J. Hargis

“Maintaining safe work practices is not my job, it’s my privilege.”

A Twenty-Year Safety Professional


His Certifications Include…

Eastern Kentucky University OSHA Training Institute Education Center                                    
“Nationally Certified Construction Industry Trainer”
Ives Training Group                    
Nationally Certified Instructor”   
  *Counter Balance Forklift                      
*Rough terrain Telehandler Forklift                                                          
 *Aerial Lifts
American Heart Association             
*First Aid / CPR Instructor                 *Bloodborne Pathogens Instructor
Scaffold & Access Industry Association                                            
*Nationally Certified Erector
National Commission For The Certification Of Crane Operators   
*Nationally Certified Hydraulic Crane Operator 
The Rigging Institute                     
*Nationally Certified Instructor In “Rigging” And “Signal-Person”



Note Our Safety Initiatives During This Exterior Restoration.

We demarcated the entire facility with scaffolding and safety rails at all perimeters and erected a safety access “Stair-Tower”.

Safe Work Practices Are Our Primary Goal!

Thoroughbred Contractors believes that a safe employee is a productive employee.

  • Maintaining a clean environment is the duty of every company and individual. We hold this earth in trust for the next generation.
  • Transportation safety is nothing more than being a good neighbor to our fellows on the roadways.


For these and many other reasons we are in strict compliance with such regulatory bodies as OSHA, KOSH, the EPA as well as the Department of Transportation. Some may find these bodies to be restrictive; we at Thoroughbred see these regulations as a solid baseline, a starting point, to promote good citizenship for companies and individuals alike.


“Experience is not enough”


Safety Training

Our training programs are not just comprehensive, they are also extensive. Not only do we exceed all regulatory training requirements, but we also have the privilege and ability to provide client based training in order to meet any and all requirements specific to client needs.


Every Thoroughbred Contractors new hire employee is trained in safety prior to their first day on the job.


  • PRE-PLANNING – As part of our continuing commitment to the individual Safety Policies of our clients will be completely understood, and our Management staff will enforce these policies with rigid compliance.
  • PERSONAL SAFETY EQUIPMENT – Each Thoroughbred Team member is required by Company Policy to be in possession of all Personal Protective Equipment [PPE] at the beginning of each work day. All equipment is subject to random inspection in order to insure proper serviceability.
  • EQUIPMENT- Our Standard Company Policy requires that all equipment have thorough inspection prior to use. The equipment does not only receive inspections from service professionals, but also inspections by Foreman and Roof Technicians before work begins each day.
  • TRAINING – All Thoroughbred Contractor Team Members will receive training prior to the operation of equipment, or process. Individual Certification is a Standard Company Policy.
  • FIRE PROTECTION – Part of our Pre-Plan process, includes a Fire Safety Procedure. Each Crewman will be made aware of this, and these guidelines will be strictly enforced. Thoroughbred Contractors will have Fire extinguishers posted at each Job Site and this equipment will have current service and inspection certificates attached to each unit.
  • INCIDENT / ACCIDENT – All instances will be reported to our Client’s Contact Personnel immediately. Only Thoroughbred Team Members with current valid First Aid/CPR Certification will apply First Aid/CPR when necessary.

Stringent Safety Initiatives During High & Dangerous Roof Replacement

Stringent Safety Initiatives During High & Dangerous Roof Replacement