How “You” Can Best Manage The Roofing & Exterior Of Your Company’s Building

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•  Use Life-Cycle Costing To Assure Maximum Roof & Building Service-Life

•  Adapt A Pro-Active Roof & Building Maintenance Protocol

•  Perform Bi-Annual Roof/Building Inspections And Perform Minor Repairs

•  Budget A Minimum Of $.05 Per Sq. Ft. Per Year To Help Maintain Your Asset

•  Budget $0.25 Per Sq. Ft. For A More Extensive Remedial Restoration

•  Track All Collateral Roof/Building Damage And Incidental Costs Associated with Leaking Roof & Exterior Walls

•  Include Consideration Of How Past Collateral Damage Costs Can Exceed The Value Of Implementing a Roof/Building Maintenance And Management Program



What you may need to know


NRCA Quote
“The decision not to employ an aggressive roof maintenance program is costing owners/operators between $0.10 and $0.15 per sq. ft. per year”






FACTS from the National
Roofing Contractor’s Association


Proof that roof maintenance pays big dividends 

Or, how not to lose $0.15 per square foot per year on your roof systems
Case History: the Polygram Facility
In July of 1996, the Polygram facility was approaching 20 years of age. Excluding air handling equipment, there had never been more than a couple of minor roof leaks at any given time. The vast majority of time, the facility was leak-free during rain storms due to an aggressive roof maintenance program.
How much benefit was realized from the aggressive plan for this building?
The answer is a great value…

Polygram Facility
Roof Size: 220,000 Sq. Ft.
Cost of aggressive roof maintenance program is about $0.03 per sq. ft per year
Roof and related costs without a maintenance program is roughly $0.15 per sq. ft. per year
Average annual cost to a facility owner of not having a roof maintenance program: Approx. $54,700 per year

 Things You Can Do Today to Increase Your Roof’s Lifespan

• Minimize roof traffic
• Pick-up and dispose of roof debris
• Clean or unclog roof drains and gutters
• Use Icing salt on frozen drains
• Trim tree limbs that overhang the edge of the roof